About Silphium Consulting

Founded by Jane Levi in 2009, Silphium Consulting Ltd is a consultancy firm offering expert advice and support in policy and strategy matters, including project management, research, analysis, writing and communication. It operates in two distinct areas: post-trade services for the financial markets, and humanities research.

Silphium Post Trade
Silphium’s main post-trade clients are financial services firms, including banks, operators of financial markets infrastructure, and major consulting firms. It also offers advice and support to policy-makers and related agencies.

Silphium Research
Clients on the research side include international publications and individuals for whom Silphium provides research support and commissioned writing – completed articles and background research – on a variety of topics, with a particular expertise in food history, politics and culture.

Jane Levi, founder of Silphium Consulting Ltd, is the main consultant available to work on challenging short-term projects, as well as providing periodic advice on a longer-term basis.

For more hands-on information about research, writing, ideas and food, have a look at Jane Levi’s personal website

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