Silphium Post Trade

For its post trade clients, Silphium Consulting’s particular focus is on policy and strategic thinking in the face of industry change. This involves, in particular, analysis of post-trade change proposals and their impacts on clients, including project planning and execution, and cost-analysis. In addition to hands-on work on specific client project, Silphium can deliver skilfully written consultation responses and drafting amendments, manage discussions with policy makers, and provide sound advice to senior management on constructive approaches to lobbying and external communication. These skills are also applied to supplier reviews and negotiations, where a neutral, external perspective may be required.

  • Project management, analysis, planning and implementation
  • Regulatory analysis and advice
  • Drafting of responses and amendments
  • Cost analysis, in particular supplier fees and front-to-back costs
  • Meeting management, at all levels, in particular with regulators and seniors
  • Communication advice: writing, press and public presentations

Jane Levi, founder of Silphium Consulting Ltd, is the main consultant available to work on challenging short-term projects, as well as providing periodic advice on a longer-term basis.

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